Check out our Claims Handling Guideline. If you still have questions, check out our FAQ below.

1. What is the procedure adopted by BTP upon being informed of any type of damage to vessel during loading / discharging operation?

A.: After confirmation of the damage and a Damage Report has been issued by the vessel’s command, BTP confirms receipt without acknowledging responsibility to be investigated by the responsible areas, evaluating responsibility or the absence of liability for the alleged damage.

2. Will BTP carry out necessary repairs indicated by the vessel’s command?

A.: The repair must be carried out by the lines, at their expense, at the opportune moment and in the most economical way possible, and may be done while the vessel is berthed at our terminal. When costs are to be passed on in a future claim, it is recommended an estimate (material and labor) be provided to give BTP’s insurance company the right to inspect it, especially in the event of high-cost damage.

3. Will BTP reimburse the line in all cases of damage?

A.: Reimbursement will depend on the unequivocal prove of BTP’s responsibility. The line must submit a formal claim including all the documents listed by BTP and other applicable evidence, as well the proof of the costs involved for the damage in question.

It should be noted that the signing of the Damage Report or receipt of the claim by BTP in itself does not constitute acceptance and / or acknowledgment of liability, as this always depends on the evidence presented by the line and validation by BTP’s technicians.

4. How long will it take to get a response to the claim submitted to BTP?

A.: The Claims Department will review the documentation and the facts with the responsible areas, providing its final position within 30 days. If BTP is proven to be liable, compensation will be made after the signing of the Settlement Term, following the terms and conditions established in the contract signed between the parties.

Remarks on the Damage Term (“Termo de Faltas e Avarias” TFA in the Portuguese acronym)

Do all the containers received by BTP are inspected?

A.: Yes. All cargo units received by BTP are visually checked – which basically involves inspecting the structure of the container and the sealing to guarantee the inviolability of the container as long as it is under the custody and responsibility of the Port Operator. At this inspection we adopt the best market practices, the current regulations and also the instructions received from lines. The conditions in which containers are received by BTP are always available in real time online at the customer Portal.

How may I proceed if my container be rejected at BTP’s Gate In?

A.: A container only is rejected if it presents unsafe conditions to its transport, cargo, and/or port handling, or when it be presented out of the safety standard as missing CSC Plate, for example, due to the minimum safety conditions requested for international transportation. If a container is rejected it only will be accepted by BTP if the irregularities appointed by our inspectors be repaired, what means, without damages that compromises cargo safety, transportation and/or handling.

Can the notes be changed after they had been issued?

A.: No. Changes cannot be made as the document also goes to customs and is issued exclusively to attest to the condition of the container when it was received by BTP.

In the event of any damage done on BTP premises after receipt of the container, the customer will be informed immediately for all the necessary actions and may also schedule an inspection for a joint investigation whenever deemed necessary. If any losses are noted, a claim along with all the relevant documents and evidences for analysis of liability must be submitted to the Claims Department.

Photographs of damaged units

How do I get photographs of the container and / or damage identified on the unit while at the terminal?

A.: The customer must make a container positioning request via BTP website ( with the subject “Photography.” The service will be billed according to a public price list, except when the customer has a commercially agreed rate with BTP.

Repair of damaged containers

Can BTP repair damaged containers?

A.: BTP does not repair containers, however, in order to mitigate possible damage to cargo, BTP does carry out palliative repairs to the unit for the exclusive purpose of reducing risks and exposure of the goods packed in containers.

If necessary, the customer can provide to exchange the container, always with the direct support of BTP.

Removal of damaged containers

To remove a damaged container, will BTP issue any specific document for the transport company and support it return?

A.: The only document available listing damage to any unit is ‘Damage Term’ – (TFA in the Portuguese acronym), which can be accessed through the customer portal on the BTP website ( All damaged containers, provided they are safe to transport, and must be removed from the terminal normally, regardless of the cause of damage. If the customer and / or transport company incurs losses due to the damage and believes that BTP is liable for it, it must remove the container as scheduled and make a formal claim, presenting all the receipts for costs involved, so that the areas responsible can carry out the due analysis of liability.

If a joint inspection is deemed necessary, will BTP participate?

A.: Customers can schedule joint inspections whenever they deem them appropriate and the invitations should be sent to the BTP Claims Department at least 48 hours in advance. BTP will respond to the invitations within this period either confirming its participation or explaining why it will not be present.

12. Can I have access to the footage recorded inside the terminal?

A.: No, the footage is not available as it is solely and exclusively for customs purposes; that is, it exists to comply with legal and supervisory demands as set out by the competent authorities.

  1. Will the BTP reimburse the transport company in the event of damage to a vehicle during loading or unloading at the terminal?

A.: Reimbursement will depend on the unequivocal prove of BTP’s liability. This requires that the transport company submits a formal claim containing all the evidences and three (03) quotations for repair. The simple acceptance of a formal claim by BTP does not means acceptance and / or acknowledgment of liability by the Terminal.

  1. How long will it take to get a response to the formal claim submitted to BTP?

A.: The Claims Department will review the documentation and the facts that occurred with the responsible areas, replying with its final position within 30 days. If BTP’s liability is proven, payment will be made after the signing of the Settlement Terms.