The program of visits to BTP’s modern installations is intended for education institutions (higher education and technical programs), non-governmental associations, organized groups. During the monitored visits, we share information about BTP, its environmental programs, safety issues and operational curiosities, an offer a guided tour through the Terminal that includes BTP’s Operating Training Center.

As from 2019, visits will take place on the last Saturday of the month. However, this year, due to the ‘covid-19’ pandemic, these events are temporarily suspended.

Interested persons should e-mail an official letter* on the letterhead of the institution describing their request and suggesting the dates of the visit to, attached with the following forms duly filled out:

– “Visit Request” Form (click here for download)
– “Visitors’ Data” Form (click here for download)
*The document must be signed by the person responsible for the group.


  • Sending the official letter attached with the forms does not guarantee confirmation of the scheduling, which will take place exclusively upon response by BTP’s scheduling team.

  • All visitors must be wearing long trousers/pants, closed shoes without heels, and sleeved shirts.  Groups that are not wearing proper clothes will not be allowed into the operational area. We remind that persons under 16 years old are not allowed in customs premises, as well as persons not bearing a tax ID [CPF].

  • BTP will provide safety equipment (IPEs) to visitors, and the use thereof in operational areas will be mandatory.

  • The minimum number of persons required to form a group for the Casa Aberta program is 30, and they must be above 16 years old.  The maximum number of persons is 45.

  • If, on the day of the visit, the quantity of participants is below 50% of the students enrolled, the visit will not take place (it will be cancelled).

  • If the number of visitors surpasses the maximum number by 110%, the visit will be cancelled.