Brasil Terminal Portuário supports initiatives that can translate its purposes.  Our Social Responsibility and Sponsorships policy is in line with our mission, vision and values.  See here.

Our actions are also grounded on a global concept called “Triple P” (Triple Bottom Line), which assures the sustainable and constant development of the Planet, People and Profit.


BTP contributes to the progress and sustainable development of the community located in the region where it operates by sponsoring projects relating to the six pillars of action listed below (by preference, but not excluding):

  • Environment

  • Education

  • Culture

  • Social Inclusion and promotion of diversity

  • Sports

  • Assistance in cases of emergency in the region – that is, engagement in emergency remediation plans through active participation, exclusively in the Mutual Assistance Plan, or PAM.

Priority Stakeholders

Priority will be given to projects intended to the following stakeholders (by preference, but not excluding):

  • Children

  • Neighboring community (AID – direct influence area, including Santos and other cities of the Baixada Santista region.

To see the full text of the policy, click here.

After reading the full text of the policy, access the downloads of the forms required to send sponsorship proposals: