As a pioneer in the Port of Santos, BTP acquired the I-REC certificate that guarantees the use of renewable electricity in 100% of its operations.

Santos, July 8th, 2021 – Brasil Terminal Portuário (BTP) took an important step in its sustainable development journey at the Port of Santos. In July, the terminal completed the acquisition of International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC), an internationally recognized title that guarantees the use of renewable energy by companies. This means that, from now on, 100% of the electricity used for terminal’s operation is clean and comes from renewable sources.

Such novelty reaffirms the Company’s commitment with the environmental preservation, which has already been known even before the beginning of its trajectory in the Port of Santos. BTP was responsible for the environmental remediation of former Alemoa’s dump site, depolluting the country’s largest environmental liability into a port area, in the location where it now stands and operates as the largest container terminal in South America. “BTP practices respect to the environment since its inception, and sustainability remains a fundamental corporate value. Sustainable investments are always considered in our short, medium and long term plans” says Ricardo Arten, CEO of BTP.

For Renato Ferreira, manager of HSEQ (Environment, Health, Safety and Quality), the I-REC certificate symbolizes BTP’s environmental responsibility and its constant pursuit of more sustainable alternatives for the business and the Environment. “By ensuring that we consume electricity from fully renewable sources, it places us in an even greater position, reaffirming our commitment to mitigate the environmental impacts of our operations, in line with BTP’s management policy”, explains Renato Ferreira.

As for Joel Contente, director of Corporate Affairs, the change is a major milestone as it reinforces the country’s position holding one of the cleanest energy sources in the world, in addition to meeting the global challenges for a sustainable development. “Affordable and clean energy for all is part of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the UN. Being aligned with these goals is a great pride for us and indicates that we are on the right path”, he celebrates.

Every year, BTP undergoes a rigorous process of presenting detailed environmental, social and governance information about the enterprise, as well as a documentation audit, seeking to reassure its ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) fundamentals, in line with its shareholders´ vision. “Our shareholders are committed to this theme, and the plans on how to make our operations more sustainable, for an increasingly responsible and viable business in the future, are permanent agendas of our Board meetings”, adds Arten.

The international I-REC certification has been granted in Brazil since 2017 and became a reliable mean of certifying the origin of the electricity used by Companies. The process of acquiring such certification by BTP, had the support of partner companies such as 2W Energia and Engie Brasil.