Santos, May 24, 2019 – This week (May 22), Brasil Terminal Portuário conducts the graduation ceremony of its first group of ‘Green Belts’.

The event, which took place in Santos, celebrated the certification of 15 employees in the ‘Six Sigma’ methodology. The BTP training course began in August 2018 and was attended by a multidisciplinary team. The main objective of the course was to develop, in the employees, competences for the promotion of process improvements, cost reduction and operating time, as well as guaranteeing the continuity of the implemented improvements.

According to Alexandre Reali, General Operations Manager, one of the coordinators of the course and project sponsors, “Our objective with this training is to promote a culture of continuous process improvement in the company, and this result is the result of a well-structured project based on willingness to change, well defined objectives, good data analysis and a good measurement system to control the changes implemented, “he points out. During the ceremony, the groups presented the projects developed during the training, which was supported by the Anova consultancy.

Among the projects presented by the trainees, we highlight the reduction of consumption of resources such as electric power, tires and diesel oil, increased productivity in equipment and labor, and the increase in the level of customer satisfaction.

“These talented employees have spent months studying and deepening to become certified as project leaders and are now ready to optimize our processes more and make BTP an even more efficient terminal in all areas to deliver our customers a service every time better. Betting on the development of our people is the right way to go even further, “explains Ricardo Arten, CEO of BTP.

Vanessa Esteves Ribeiro, Financial analyst and one of the trainees, says that taking part in the course was an important opportunity for professional development. “Being chosen in the company to be part of this team, to know other areas, other activities and to go deeper in the operational routine added much value to my knowledge about the business of BTP,” she says.